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SevenFriday V-Series - A fresh Cool Intended for 1000 EuroSevenFriday introduces their new assortment of timepieces, the V-Series. Clearly inspired by engines and industrial design, the SevenFriday V-Series will shake up the entry market of mechanical timepieces once again. We our worries, how the new collection would become 'too expensive' and thus competing in the completely different league of watch manufacturers, though the cost of the V-Series might be more than comforting.Both V-Series replica watches, the V1/01 and V2/01, will set you back slightly below 鈧?000 Euro (~ CHF1055 Swiss Francs). Because of this, you're going to get a distinctive designed watch by SevenFriday, run by a mechanical movement created in Japan (Miyota 82S7). There is certainly more than price and movement of course, out of your tender we go!SevenFriday V1/01 Specifications:Stainless case with sunray brushed top bezel.Fast Strap Changer (FSC) equipped. (pushers at 9H side) cheap replica watches .4 levels dial construction Galvanic worthless plates with alternate finishing: Deep stamped Silver 芦azurage禄/ Vertical brushed rhodium / Vertical brushed Silver white / Opalin silver white Circular brushed Gun metal dial ring.12 applied galvanic parts120 angle hour reading with 芦additioner禄 principle, turning central disc 芦0, 4, 8禄 for being added to fix 芦0, 1, 2, 3, 4禄 scale.Customized with special event & Night display (white & dark blue) and white small second indication (芦additioner禄 principle)Specially hardened and anti-reflective treated domed mineral glass3 ATM water resistantBlack soft mat calf skin leather strap (123/85mm) - tone to tone stitchingChip that permits authenticity verification (with NFC technology).SevenFriday V2/01 Specifications:The specifications for the V2/01 are similar to the V1/01 but with the following differences:Metal case with vertical sunray brushed top bezel.4 levels dial construction. Galvanic hollowed out plates with alternate finishing: Deep grey cast-iron pattern / Vertical brushed 芦concrete color禄 / Vertical brushed Rhodium / Opalin black Circular brushed 4N dial ring.Customized with big day and Night display (4N & black) and 4N small second indication (芦additioner禄 principle).Brown semi-mat Calf skin leather strap (123/85mm) - tone to tone stitchingBoth SevenFriday V-series replica watches have the following dimensions and movement specifications:Case Dimensions: H 44.3mm X W 49.7mm, Thickness: Case: 11,3mm, Incl. case back: 12,85mmLeather Strap: Taper 28 to 24 mmDial opening: Dial ring: 38.7mm, Dial: 31.5mmMovement: Open balance wheel movement Miyota 82S7, 40H power reserveReassuring AuthenticityThe V-Series (and all other new watch models from SevenFriday to any extent further) will have a NFC chip fully briefed. This new way of authenticating a timepiece (to share with fakes from authentic ones) is a nice step of progress in watchmaking. Where technology meets mechanical engineering! Each watch with NFC chip is usually scanned with a NFC enabled phone while using SevenFriday app. The app will immediately indicate regardless of if the watch is authentic, or you cannot.Additioner PrincipleThe V-Series give a new way of displaying (thereby reading) time, with an hours and seconds additioner principle. There is certainly one extensive for your minutes, being a normal watch. As you can tell the dimensions on the hours and seconds has limitations, so an additional disc with +X numerals can indicate the proper time. Could not wait to have my on the job this watch so it can gain a shot and see how much time it requires before getting familiar with by doing this of reading time. Furthermore, the V-Series has a day/night indicator replica patek philippe cufflinks watches .So, just how does it work exactly? Consider the watch below, the hour scale would be the big 0 till 4. rolex master ii watches So we must take some increments when it is after 4 o'clock. On the image below you'll notice that for the hour scale, there exists a disc saying +4. The +4 is somewhere within the important 3 and large 4 within the hour scale, to ensure means 7 hours. Once hand is just before 30 minutes, about 28 (can't view it exactly on this image, but let's assume it says 28). This means it is 7:28. The day/night aperture indicates whether it be 7:28 or 19:28. The seconds counter works just as as the hour 'additioner'. 8 o'clock is interesting, because can be indicated with 4+4 but will also with 8+0.However, you shouldn't be afraid, the SevenFriday V-Series replica watches come once again in a very impressive package, using a manual in 10 different languages.Additional information is found on SevenFriday on-line. More images of the SevenFriday V-Series replica breitling instructions watches
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